The Wealth Creation Blueprint course is designed for business owners, CEO, COO, CFOs and investors.

It covers the concepts of :

  • Business Growth
  • Personal Branding
  • Tribe Building and Team Building
  • Fundraising
  • Understanding the mindset of investors
  • How to increase the valuation of your company
  • How to create Wealth Creation Systems in your business
  • Identify your core strength
  • Focus on your core strength to grow your business and personal wealth

We all run our own businesses & we acknowledge the courage and commitment that it takes.

Most CEOs and Entrepreneurs are working too hard for too little due to:

1. The Wrong Focus

2. Unaware of their core strength

3. Unaware of their Profit Profile

In this course, you will learn to understand your Profit Profile

  • Who am I?
  • What do I bring to the world?
  • What is my core ability?
  • What are the buying triggers of my business?
  • Who are my ideal customers?
  • Who should be in my ideal team?
  • Who should I partner with?

What you will learn

Why most businesses do some kind of profiling on a hit and mostly miss basis.

What are the rules behind profiling that 99% of business owners don’t know.

The 3Cs for business success that ensure that you hire the right people, work with the right partners and become profitable.

Instead of working longer hours and harder than you did before, shouldn’t you consider working smarter
by focusing on your strengths?

How many of you can relate to these scenarios?

  • You are sick and tired of working so hard you wish someone would actually tell you where to focus your energy.
  • The stress and strain start wearing you down. You start feeling sluggish and tired.
  • You read about how people discover what their core ability is and start working smart.
  • They start finding new meaning and purpose in their lives. You wonder if this is even possible.
  • It seems so hard to find good help these days. When you hire new staff, they come in looking so bright and hopeful.
  • Within three months the glitter fades and it doesn’t work out.
  • You despair of things ever improving. Some days things are looking up. It never really seems to last.


Are you Passionate about your life and business? Does your Passion wax and wane with the rising of the moon?

However the Wealth Creation Profile does something different.
It helps you identify ...


How to monetise your Core Ability

How you can you do Personal Branding

Who your tribe is
So the Profit Profile that you will identify, will tell you what your Wealth Creation Strategy should be.

We see so many people who don’t know their Profit Profile working to hard on all the wrong things and get frustrated that their efforts are not monetised.

When we uncovered it and started using it to direct personal branding, marketing, website presence and sales strategies, everything fell into place.

We know who we are. We know our personal brands. We know our USP. We know our customers. We are being true to ourselves.

Upon completing the Wealth Creation Blueprint program you will be ahead of 99% other business owners.

  • You will Link your Profile with your marketing.

  • You will know your Profit Profile in business and you will be able to assemble the best possible team for you to become more profitable.

  • You will know your top money block. You will learn how to operate from the “profit profile” in your body.

  • You will have crystal clarity about your profit profile and your business.

is more fun

is more fun

is more fun

You will work easily, joyfully and profitably in your business. You will know how to position your personal brand, your unique selling proposition and Profitable team for you to generate revenue.

By dropping all your distractions, you will make more money doing less.
You will have all that you need to create a great life and profitable business.
Discover your profit profile, tweak your business
and scale your business from 7 to 8 and from 8 to 9 figures.
Clients get the picture when they ask: “What do you do”.

This will lead to increased customer focus,

enrolment and investment.



Have a look at the feedback from successful entrepreneurs who graduated through the Wealth Creation Blueprint curriculum.